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Its almost by a miracle that I found out I had an unruptured brain aneurysm . The other part of the story is by chance of a wonderful doctor named Dr. Jobe was on call that same night . Dr. Jobe is a very pleasant minded person , talks to you and not at you . I did not hesitate after my initial visit after the hospital as to who was going to perform a craniotomy clipping surgery . The miracle of being able to write this review is a testament to it all . Thank you Dr. Jobe ..

Dr. Shorter is quite friendly and knowledgeable. He thoroughly reviewed my extensive case history, and though surgery was not the answer for my case made appropriate recommendations. it was a very pleasant visit for my wife and I.

I’ve known Dr. Stengel since he performed surgery on my neck in the early 2000’s. About a year ago I began suffering from neuropathic pain radiating from the left side of my neck on down my left shoulder. The first person I thought of to resolve the issue was Dr. Stengel. He did not make a 100% guaranteed promise, but said that he was very confident he could help me. A couple of months later, I woke up post-surgery with all of the symptoms gone – completely gone! He and his surgery team and office staff treated me with respect and kindness from my first office visit until my last. Three months have passed, and I remain pain-free. Thanks, Dr. Stengel, to you, and your medical and office staffs!

I was referred to Dr. Shorter by my oncologist after an MRI revealed a metastatic tumor on my left occipital lobe. He did an impressive job of explaining the surgery procedure involved, using the MRI images and a short video of an actual surgery. My wife and I felt confident in him from the start, and the surgery went extremely well. During the followup visit 3 weeks later, we got to watch the video of my own surgery while he explained what was done, and were impressed once again. On top of his obvious ability as a surgeon, we think he’s a really good guy! Kudos also to the staff at the office. A great group.

I’d like you [Dr. Jobe] to know how grateful I am for your skill in removing my tumor and saving my sense of smell. I was apprehensive about the surgery, but now all is well and my sense of smell is as keen as well. Thank you again!

I can’t thank Dr. Jobe and his staff enough for saving my life and being so supportive. He clipped one ruptured brain aneurysm and another that did not rupture, he also placed a prosthetic in my neck when I had a disk herniate, as well as he was there to counsel me when I needed someone just to listen. His staff were always friendly and helpful. It is due to him that I was able to return to work without any significant neurological deficits. Thank you all for everything.

I have lived with a painful neck injury for the last three years. It’s been a very sad experience for me because prior to the injury, I enjoyed a very active life with no physical limitations. I have been evaluated and treated by many professionals who are experts in their fields (i.e.; Chiropractors, physical therapists and professional trainers who specialize in neck injuries), and yet, with all their kind efforts, I still suffer with neck pain. The worst of it was not knowing the extent of the injury or if I was making matters worse by not having surgery. I reached a point where I felt like there was no hope of ever returning to my former condition. A good friend referred me to Dr. Adam Befeler. Thank you God! Within the first 30 seconds of my consultation with him, I was beside myself with joy. His evaluation of my spine was more thorough than I hoped for. He explained my injury to me in small, simple words I could understand. It was music to my ears to hear him say I did not need surgery. I had so many questions, and he was able to answer them all. If Dr. Befeler has a fan club, I would like to join.

Dr. Befeler did a phenomenal job of correcting my herniated discs and removed bone fragments in my lumbar area. Right from the initial visit he explained the procedure for correcting my lumbar problem and the post surgery recovery process. His patience and bed side manner was exemplary. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would need to go through back surgery. I rate him and his staff 5 star excellent. We thank you so much, Dr. Befeler!

With my first meeting of Dr. Shorter, all went very well, after my 2nd appointment we discussed my surgery that I would be having, all was set into motion, 15 days later my surgery took place. The moment I woke up and was told what had been done, they moved me into a room for me to recover in for a few days. I hadn’t realized it I was laying on my back.. something I had not done in such a very long time, I hadn’t been able to lye on my back in over 9+ years. Wow…this was a very good night, slept co good the next few days, went home and I has gone to all new highs for me.. Dr. Shorter gave me my life back. I thank God for his wisdom, and the knowledge. Never say Never, trust your medical team, listen to them, and if you have any concerns, address them to your Dr. Dr. Shorter has given me a reason to believe in Dr.’s again.. THANK YOU DR SHORTER

Dr Befeler and staff did a great job on my back, pain down my legs and up to my neck is gone. Thanks again Dr Befeler

For 2 years l was in almost constant pain, and was advised by another physician to avoid surgery. I was fortunate to meet Dr Befeler who thoroughly explained all my options. I went forward with a hemi-laminectomy and the results have been astounding! The very first night I could tell the difference, and 1 month out I am pain-free. Thank you, so much Dr Befeler, and all the lovely staff at Brain2Spine Institute! You have made a profound improvement in my quality of life!!

Dr. Adam Befeler saved my life. After a spinal cord injury in 2001 and three unsuccessfull surgeries I became debilitated and was told more surgery was needed to prevent total paralysis from the neck down or death. Each prior surgeon has told me that. They also said I would not be able to walk. Due to my spinal cord injury and failed surgeries I ended up back in the emergency room and that’s where I met Dr Adam Befeler and his staff. They were wonderful and caring. I’ve never been treated better by any Dr and/or surgeon. They really cared. I was treated with dignity compassion and kindness. Dr Befeler confirmed my need for additional surgery and advised me to follow up with my surgeon. I told him about my previous experiences with surgeries and he immediately agreed to take me as his patient. He performed my surgery and it was a success. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I no longer fear dying from my previous injuries. I am confident now I can continue to improve due to Dr Adam Befeler exemplary knowledge and skills of Neurology and Neurosurgery. I thank you Dr Adam Befeler and staff. I am forever grateful. Thank you for caring and being an expert in your field.

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