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Dr. Adam Befeler saved my life. After a spinal cord injury in 2001 and three unsuccessfull surgeries I became debilitated and was told more surgery was needed to prevent total paralysis from the neck down or death. Each prior surgeon has told me that. They also said I would not be able to walk. Due to my spinal cord injury and failed surgeries I ended up back in the emergency room and that’s where I met Dr Adam Befeler and his staff. They were wonderful and caring. I’ve never been treated better by any Dr and/or surgeon. They really cared. I was treated with dignity compassion and kindness. Dr Befeler confirmed my need for additional surgery and advised me to follow up with my surgeon. I told him about my previous experiences with surgeries and he immediately agreed to take me as his patient. He performed my surgery and it was a success. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I no longer fear dying from my previous injuries. I am confident now I can continue to improve due to Dr Adam Befeler exemplary knowledge and skills of Neurology and Neurosurgery. I thank you Dr Adam Befeler and staff. I am forever grateful. Thank you for caring and being an expert in your field.

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