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I want to start by saying the office staff of NATB is litrerally the greatest staff i have ever experienced. It is to see that they love their jobs and truly enjoy working there and it shows by the way they treat their patients. I am terrible with names so i apologize for not giving everyone’s name individually. Bobbi and Carmen stand out to me because i have so many interactions with the two of them, but the entire staff is amazing. What can i tell you about Dr Jobe? He is the greatest Dr i have ever known, skills, demeanor, and his “bedside” manner is absolutely amazing. When i talk about Dr Kirk Jobe to other people and other medical professionals the same thing is always said, he is an amazing surgeon. I have never witnessed this about any doctor and i have seen many. He takes his time and reviews every detail and explains everything to you in way that isn’t condescending or “talking down to you”. He does his homework and is fully prepared to operate. He is always fully prepared and he gives his patients his full and complete best skills each and every procedure. When other surgeons told me there is nothing they can do its a hard pill to swallow. I came to Dr Jobe some 9yrs ago. I was paralyzed from the waist down because of my spinal stenosis. Dr Jobe performed emergency neck surgery (i came thru the ER) and i was literally walking the next day. I have had a total of 4 procedures done by Dr Kirk Jobe. He continues to give me a fighting chance when others said they can’t. Once again, he is litrerally the greatest surgeon i know, his staff is a reflection of him and his great work. I can’t speak for him but i feel that he is the greatest because all of his staff are so good at their jobs that this allows him to be fully prepared for the amazing and life changing work he does. From the time you walk into that office for your 1st consult to the end of your recovery the staff and surgeons will be with you along the way. I have so many great things to say about neurological associates of Tampa bay, but the best thing i can say and attest to is this, everyone in that office will have your back from the beginning all the way to finish. Thank you Dr Jobe, thank you Carmen, thank you Bobbi and thank you to the one’s who names i can’t recall. Thank you for giving another chance to living a great life! You make this a real possibility. Sincerely, the guy who once was paralyzed. You guys are literally the greatest!!!!

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