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Osteoporosis weakens the bones throughout the body and makes them prone to spinal fractures. Certain types of cancer can also lessen bone density and make the vertebrae prone to breaks. Cancer that weakens the spinal bones may originate in the spine or spread there from other areas such as the lungs or breast.

Two types of cancer that may cause spinal fractures are bone metastasis and multiple myeloma.

Bone Metastasis:

Bone metastasis is cancer that spreads to the bones after originating in another area. Because the spine is a central structure of the body, it is the most common site affected by bone metastasis. It prevents the cells responsible for creating new bone and breaking down old bone from functioning properly. Bone metastasis will also create lesions in the bones that weaken them and make them prone to fractures. Pain is usually an early symptom of bone metastasis, but many people will not recognize the problem until after they experience a fracture.

Multiple Myeloma:

Multiple myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells, the white blood cells that exist within bone marrow. Multiple myeloma also affects the way bone cells function, causing them to destroy healthy bone cells while failing to make new bone cells to replace them. This process results in weakened bone density, making them prone to fractures.

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