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Tips For Strengthening The Spine

Tips For Strengthening the Spine

The spine is the backbone of our heath, so keeping it strong is essential. Strengthening the spine and core muscles is vital for those who are recovering from a back injury or suffering from chronic low back pain.

Here are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to strengthen your spine:

Rejuvenate your posture

Lower and upper back pain typically develops due to repetitive activities in your everyday life. Sitting at a computer or lifting and carrying heavy objects may produce tension and muscle tightness, which causes back pain. Instead of slouching and hunching forward when standing, practice standing straight and tall. Exercises, such as shoulder blade squeezes, planks, and bridges, can also help improve your posture.

Use heat therapy to soothe pain

Heat therapy is a great way to help loosen the back muscles and relieve tension. Another benefit of heat therapy is the increase of blood flow around the spine, allowing necessary nutrients to serve the targeted, painful areas.

Choose spine-healthy foods

The foods you eat can play a role in your spinal health. Choosing certain foods that contain the right nutrients can help your spine remain healthy and strong. These foods include:

  • Vegetables, such as kale, broccoli and spinach, help fight against inflammation
  • Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote bone and tissue health
  • Dairy products that are high in calcium, such as cheese, milk and yogurt, can help maintain and improve bone health
  • Herbs and spices, such as turmeric and cinnamon, can help fix damaged tissue and fight inflammation 

Exercise in the water

Aquatic exercise is a great way to strengthen your muscles and improve balance because water eliminates the force of gravity, decreasing the amount of pressure on your bones and joints, making it easier to carry out certain movements.

Stop smoking

If you smoke, quit! Research shows that there is a significant association between back pain and smoking. Smoking causes damage to the spinal disc and joint vascular structures, which can lead to degenerative spinal disorders.

Pay attention to how you sleep

Our sleep position influences spinal health.Certain sleep positions can place unnecessary pressure on the neck, hips and lower back, all of which can cause back pain. Try placing a pillow under your knees or under your lower abdomen, depending on which side of your body you sleep on. This allows for proper alignment of the spine.

Lower back pain is a common condition that can affect anyone at any age, so it is important to recognize what is causing your lower back pain from the beginning as well doing what you can to prevent future complications.

Here at Brain2Spine Institute, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and care to our patients. If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, call us at (727) 500-2318 to schedule your appointment.

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