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Surgery For Chronic Sciatica Is More Effective Than Conservative Approaches

Surgery for Chronic Sciatica is More Effective Than Conservative Approaches

For years, some specialists claimed that non-operative care for sciatica was the optimal choice for pain management. However, recent research shows that surgery for chronic sciatica bests conservative care in a single-center trial completed in August 2018. This compelling research shed light that while some patients respond positively to conventional approaches like physical therapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), most other patients require a more involved treatment to experience improved clinical outcomes. 

The study included 128 participants who had lumbar disc herniation and had experienced sciatica persistently for 4-12 months. The participants were split into two groups: those who would receive microdiskectomy surgery for their sciatica,  and those who would receive nonsurgical care.

Six months following treatment, leg pain scores in the surgical group were 2.8, while leg pain scores in the nonsurgical group were 5.2. This study concluded that microdiskectomy was superior to nonsurgical care for pain associated with chronic sciatica. 

At Brain2Spine Institute, we treat sciatica through a combination of surgical and nonsurgical therapies. For patients with acute sciatica, conservative methods may help alleviate pain and restore normal function. However, we understand that some cases of sciatica may persist and worsen  over time, even with conservative care. In these cases, surgery may be the best option. 

Brain2Spine Institute is home to some of Tampa Bay’s top neurosurgeons who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to our patients. Our physicians will work with each patient on an individual basis to develop the best possible treatment plan for their chronic sciatica. 

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